Prostate Cancer Support Group

Supporting London, Sarnia, and Wallaceburg

Welcome, we are glad you found us!

The Prostate Cancer Support Groups of London, Sarnia and Wallaceburg are volunteer-run groups with monthly meetings to help men and their families either recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer, those undergoing treatment, or survivors. 

What is a Support Group?

It is a self-help group open to men and their partners. These groups are facilitated by trained volunteers and cancer survivors. 
We encourage open and supportive discussions from all group members and often have guest speakers.

What isn’t it.

A support group is simply meant to facilitate open discussion and conversations. It is not a source of medical advice. More specific questions can sometimes be directed to our guest speakers if they are qualified medical professionals.

Why are support groups important?

During diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to feel alone, confused and solitary. These groups encourage group interaction with like-minded members and create a safe, non-judgemental environment. Our support groups can provide emotional support for prostate cancer survivors during various stages of recovery, and help to relieve some of the stress and isolation that men with prostate cancer may experience during every stage from diagnosis to treatment.
The Prostate Cancer Support Groups are also an excellent way to learn about available resources in your area and to gain beneficial information from trusted sources.

What do we expect from our group members?

All group members are expected to maintain the privacy of others and always keep discussions positive, constructive and respectful.